Falling In Reverse, Jelly Roll Sing Twangy Truth In New Track 'All My Life'

Photo: Jeremy Pavia

Did Falling In Reverse and Jelly Roll just release the feel-good song of the summer?

According to a press release, the standouts unveiled their latest ode to "doing your best" on Thursday (June 6) titled, "All My Life," and the beat is already stuck in our heads! The down-to-earth anthem highlights the resilient rollercoaster we call life, its ups and downs, mistakes and lessons, and everything in between. The storyline assures listeners that things might get rocky along the way, but trying your best is all that you can do, and that is more than enough.

The catchy crossover smash sets the tone for the season with seamless, genre-blending magic as Falling In Reverse's unmatched hard rock harmony meets Jelly Roll's undeniable "country drawl." Jelly and Falling In Reverse (a duo that we didn't know we needed and now cannot live without) come together in "All My Life" through "soaring guitar solos" and a singalong chorus that will be on replay all summer.

A music video, released in tandem with the electric single, sets the scene in the Wild West as Falling In Reverse's lead vocalist Ronnie Radke and Jelly Roll attempt to live their truth and take over the town (with a few stops in the local jail).

The tantalizing track is slated to be featured on Falling In Reverse's upcoming album, Popular Monster, out August 16th! The record is currently available for pre-order via Epitaph Records' website. The band will embark on their summer 2024 headline tour, "The Popular Monstour II: World Domination," immediately following the release of their album on August 18th.

Listen to the knee slappin', boot stompin' masterpiece that is "All My Life" on iHeartRadio now!

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