Home Alone Metal Cover Features 'Heaviest Drop In Christmas Movie History'

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Music video director Jeb Hardwick recently created a metal version of a single off of the Home Alone soundtrack that takes "rocking around the Christmas tree" to a whole new level. According to Loudwire, the music follows the "setting the trap" scene of the film where young Kevin Macalister creates traps around his home to prevent The Wet Bandits from robbing him.

For those in need of a "refresher" Loudwire detailed that Home Alone follows the plot of a child named Kevin who is left alone during the holiday season after his family leaves for a trip without him. Just when Kevin is starting to enjoy his freedom, two thieves show up to rob the house with little success due in part to Kevin's inventive nature. The film takes multiple comical and chaotic twists and turns that make it the timeless classic that it is today.

"It started snowing outside and I started humming this tune. I knew what I had to do," Hardwick shared with Loudwire.

The original single features a classic choir, while the metal version features electric guitar and drum solos that really highlight the scene in what Hardwick would describe as the "heaviest drop in Christmas movie history."

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