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Mike Jones

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Mike Jones Minute-Con 9/22/23

Mike Jones Minute-Con 9/21/23

New adventures for Spike and Kite Man. Hell Yeah! We'll talk about it in today's #MikeJonesMinuteCon.

Mike Jones Minute-Con 9/20/23

Spider-Man 2 will be the best looking one yet and celebrating 30 years during Halloween season. Get it in today's #MikeJonesMinuteCon!

Mike Jones Minute-Con 9/19/23

That's some Strange ice cream and goodbye to The Wonder Years. Get it in today's #MikeJonesMinuteCon!

Vincent Pastore: In Conversation With The Sopranos, DC Memories And Getting Called Big Pussy Everywhere!

Vincent Pastore joined me to get ready for this weekend's show, 'In Conversation With The Sopranos'! We talked about having a great time with these shows with Steve Schirripa and Michael Imperioli for these shows, the time he spent in DC while in the Navy and his fondness for the city, if Vincent will go back to college and how everyone calls him Big Pussy everywhere he goes!

Enjoy our chat and get tickets for 'In Conversation With The Sopranos' on 9/23 at Capital Turnaround at UnionStage.com

Mike Jones Minute-Con 9/14/23

Go into the Chamber of Horrors and there are plenty of game choices this week. Find out about everything in today's #MikeJonesMinuteCon!

Ben Folds: 'What Matters Most', Performing At The Kennedy Center, Having The Best Job Ever

On September 21st, Ben Folds will be back at The Kennedy Center for his 'What Matters Most' Tour! We talked about deciding what matters most to people, if this latest album will be his last, how he's a government employee and loves his job but it's not about the money, how much fun he has working with the National Symphony Orchestra, the DeClassified shows with a bunch of friends and his charity to help children learn music with Keys for Kids!

Mike Jones Minute-Con 9/13/23

Stray is going from game to movie and the new Castlevania series is coming! Get it in today's #MikeJonesMinuteCon.

Mike Jones Minute-Con 9/12/23

Lots of Legos for the Senate and who else but Alan Rickman. We're talking about it in today's #MikeJonesMinuteCon!

Mike Jones Minute-Con 9/11/23

Jimmy Fallon apologizes and it's Back To The Theater for Back To The Future Day! Get the scoop in the #MikeJonesMinuteCon.